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At Food Point Produce we have an extraordinary variety of herbs, please see our list below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch and we will find this for you. THYME THAI BASIL TARRAGON SUMMER SAVORY SORREL SAGE ROSEMARY POLY MINT X 1KG PARSLEY FLAT OREGANO NETTLES MORNING GLORY…

Other Products

At Food Point Produce we have a variety of other products for your catering needs, please see the list below. FLOWERS EDIBLE EGGS EGGS LARGE BOX X 360 CHIPS PAR FRIED X 10KG FLOWERS VARIOUS BANANA LEAF X 500GM GARLIC PUREE X 1KG GARLIC PEELED X 1KG SEA WEED / CHOP GREEN X 500GM GINGER…